Psychotherapy engages you in a verbal and dialectic process to facilitate your insight into current symptoms and problems, as well as to expand on your repertoire of coping skills. This allows you to be better equipped to deal with the stressors in your life and to reconnect to a healthier, more authentic self. It is indicated and successful in the treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, ADHD, attachment problems in children, PTSD, isolation, life transitions, and relationship conflicts. Depending on your particular needs at this present juncture in your life, individual, couples, and/or family or group psychotherapy may be most indicated.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

In Psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we work together to look at what is distressing you in the present moment, in a clear and safe space. We will explore your experience of what is happening to you, which does not feel within your conscious ability to control. You will be able to explore your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and sensations—at your pace, when it's needed—and together we will connect them, challenge some of the ideas you may have that no longer serve you, and help you make sense of them. As you connect more deeply to yourself, your mind, and your needs, wants, and dreams, you will develop a better understanding of where you are in your life, how you got there, and where you wish to go. In your relationship with your therapist, you will develop insight about how you connect to others, and together we will explore what has worked for you and what has not. This will give you more freedom and courage to experience more meaningful connections to other important relationships in your life.

Child Play Psychotherapy

In Child Play Psychotherapy, the child is allowed to play freely, without directive adult interference, in an environment that is safe and predictable. The therapist witnesses each child at his/her emotional and developmental level and facilitates the expression of where the child needs to be at that moment, in order to work through anxious states.

Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Mindfulness

Dance/Movement Therapy and Body Mindfulness interventions also can work in tandem with traditional psychotherapy to restore the natural balance between your psyche, your mind, and your body.

We might at times use Dance/Movement Therapy techniques to help you process and understand in the moment your emotions and sensations arising in your body, as we talk about past and present circumstances. The body has recorded all of your past. At times, it might feel like it has a life of its own—separate from your mind, which takes over as you experience, for instance, panic attacks, crying spells, sudden fears, increased impulse to overeat, or an intense physical desire to withdraw. The work we do together will be geared toward your reconnecting to your mind and your body simultaneously.

In Mindfulness practice, we will work together in becoming fully aware of our present thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories. We will learn to observe them and acknowledge them without adding further energy to their process, but allowing them to be, therefore learning from their presence.

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