One All One All Therapy 

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Isabella Scapini-Burrell, LCSW-C, R-DMT

Isabella obtained her Master of Social Work and Master of Science in Dance/Movement Therapy from Hunter College in New York City, in 1994. Her early clinical work focused on the treatment of young children diagnosed with ADHD and autism, in a therapeutic nursery setting. Subsequently, Isabella worked in outpatient clinics with children and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma and attachment issues. She has worked with MICA (Mentally Ill and Chemically Addicted) patients, with patients suffering from mood disorders, schizophrenia and PTSD in hospital outpatient day treatment settings. Throughout her clinical work, Isabella provided individual adult, child and couples’ psychotherapy and group psychotherapy as well as Dance/ Movement Therapy. She obtained postgraduate psychoanalytic psychotherapy training at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center in New York City, NY. She held a private practice in New York City, NY until 2006 and in Annapolis, MD, since 2011.

Isabella's continued interest in psychoanalytic study and inquiry has supported her work. She has focused her postgraduate study on Object Relations, Interpersonal and Self Psychology, individual and couples’ work. During the past few years she has been studying Mindfulness and the interplay of Mindfulness, Self and Interpersonal Psychology. She continues to pursue the inquiry of what is the true nature of mind and the nature of illness and how painful emotional self-states, such as anxiety and depression, can be faced and worked through in order to move onto a freer, lighter, authentic experience of self.